How to get your ex boyfriend back

This post will be brief as its only intended to provide a few tips and introduce a new blog of mine that directly has to do with fixing up broken relationships and repairing relationships after breakups and alto the blog is not aimed towards married couples but rather casual relationships I believe that it’s fair to recommend it here as not all of you guys who arrive here are married. The blog that I speak of is called how to get your ex boyfriend back and it is a relationship blog with tips and concepts for women who have gone through a separation against their will.

sometimes it is hard letting go and accepting how things turns out in relationships and if the feeling is strong, some women want let go and instead try their best try their best to bring back the love and attention that their ex boyfriend use to have for them well with a lack of knowledge this attempts could be disasters and lead no ware but to embarrassment. Having said that, there are ways for you to get back your ex boyfriend and begin to mend your relationship and thus ways can be found without paying for therapy, counseling or even dating/relationship books.

Like I have said earlier here at how to save my marriage today, communication is one of the most powerful and important parts of successful relationships so there is no surprise when I say that talking is the way to get back together with your ex boyfriend. Ask him to talk to you and be sincere in your attitude, don’t pretend that nothing matters or like you don’t need him you just want to talk.

All that stuff is transparent; as a matter of fact this might sound cliché but be you. Pretending only ads tension to the situation, ask your ex if there is a chance that the two of you can work things out for the better, ask him what it is that he feels is missing in their relationship and how the two of you together can work it in, in such a way that the new behavior and sharing’s become natural. But the most important step is to talk to him and be sincere.

Does marriage counseling work? - Why I doubt marriage counseling will save your marriage from divorce

There has been a lot of talk about marriage counseling over the years and it seems to be the number one choice that couples go for when they need help to deal with their problems but does marriage counseling work or is it just a practice that’s been hyped up for decades? Please do keep in mind that I am not some type of "relationship expert” and my opinions and statements is just that, my opinions. Also, keep in mind that there are marriage counselors who do things differently than the traditional way and they might be amazing (and maybe not).

When people find them self’s in a difficult situation where they don’t know what to do, what to say, how to deal with it, they tend to seek out the ones that do know (or claim to know) and thus are often the authorities in our society. People tend to believe in and put faith in them as if thus people have super powers but in reality, the authorities in our society are the same as the rest of the people, in the process of learning. Of course, this applies to relationship counselors to and some of the “marriage counseling techniques” that they use every day causes more harm to relationships than good. I will tell you about thus marriage counseling techniques in a minute or two.

It is easy to assume that marriage counseling is how to save your marriage from divorce it kind of sounds right, “marriage counseling” but what are the activities you and your spouse will engage in as you get there? Basically, they will sit you guys down; they will start asking you and you wife/husband some questions and they will listen to you guys talk, explaining your problems, the counselor might ask something like, what is it that your husband do that makes you angry, how does it make you feel when he does this? And you/your wife, will begin to think back to the feeling of the anger and then explain to the spouse how it feels and the thoughts that goes with it and now, you/ your spouse knows something about your self/ them self’s that, up till that moment didn’t even exist. At the same time, the spouse, who described their feelings have now “verbally” stated the feelings while the other one heard every word of it. once its been said out loud its not just a matter of frustrating thoughts anymore, it’s a reality between the married couple, and the process of repairing their marriage will be longer, on top of changing the bad habits and behaviors between the two, they also need to work trough and tackle the emotions and words they threw at each other in the "clinic". That’s double the effort than the minute before they set for in the marriage counseling clinic, when you in fact got there to save a failing marriage. In other words, the couples make their marital problems real by describing them out loud. (Not the best way “to save your marriage from divorce”, forget about the bad past and begin to move forward to a brighter and happier relationship? is it?)

You might not share my views on this right now but think about this though, how can a married couple forget about bad habits in the relationship and bad feelings and just move on together on the path for improvement if they remember the words they threw at each other in the room with the marriage counselor? It is easy to forget that witch never was mentioned but it is more difficult to forget about things that have been said. Let me give you an example,

Imagine that you are walking down the street and as you do so, there is a stone laying there on the sidewalk and you walk pass it.

Would you remember the shape of that stone later on?

Now, imagine that you and your spouse are walking together down the street and as you do so, your spouse says look at that weird shaped stone.

Would you remember the shape of it later on?

Since she brought your attention to the shape of the stone you would remember it later on and that is part of the power of words. Proper communication in marriage is of extreme importance but the most important thing that I want you to understand is that you do not solve marital problems by talking about the problems - that is where the majority of marriages that ended in divorce settlement went wrong. That is not "how to save a failing marriage". You want the problems to go away but that will not happen if you describe the problems in grate detail. The way to remove the problems is by describing the solutions in grate detail. You do not talk about negativity to make things positive, you talk about positivist to make things positive. You will find that the same thing that I described earlier will take effect but in a good way, that is "how to save a failing marriage"

Let me put it this way (and I want you to distance your self from what I am saying right now) When the marriage counselor ask his questions about their marriage issues and the couple continuously responds, every single marriage problem between thus two people will eventually be out in the open by the “marriage counseling techniques” and when the two of them review the session later on, it can seem so overwhelming that thus two think that a “divorce” is the way to go, but it is not!.

Or how about this, if there is something that your husband/wife is doing that makes you feel disgusted but you haven’t said anything about it, but there you are in a clinic where you are suppose to express your self and work on saving your failing marriage from a divorce, and you explained exactly how you fealty about it in great detail. Can you really expect a positive result out of that? Like that would be the first step to straighten it out? What if the spouse actually got offended? What if the spouse tries to find something that you do that is disgusting (even if your spouse never even felt that way before?) just too even things out? I probably made my point several paragraphs ago.

“does marriage counseling work” Maybe it does but only if the solutions to the problems are the main focus and if the problems remains in thought form and unmentioned. If it is worth the "marriage counseling costs" is another question though, the marriage counseling costs are quite high and it makes no sense to go for a cheap clinic does it? the best way to solve marital problems is (like I said) to talk about the solutions and you certainly don’t need to pay someone by the hour to sit there and listen as you ask your spouse, “if there were something new that I did tomorrow that would make you feel wonderful and content, something that you wanted me to do for some time now, what would that be?” once you started to make some small changes here and there in the way you deal with your spouse, you will find that it becomes more and more easy to have them do the same. You do not need the expenses of the "marriage counseling costs" when you deal with your spouse, only when you feel like your out of control and need to turn to a professionals for help - and that should never be necessary in a marriage. Remember that you and your spouse is suppose to be one, that’s what you promised each other at the alter.

To round up this article (since its getting way to long) here is a few advices for you whose asking “how to save my marriage from divorce” but please do keep in mind that I don’t know your reasons to read this article, it can have with money to do (the financial crisis has been thought) you might want to learn how to stop arguing with your spouse, it could be about the children and so on, therefore ill speak in general. Note: you might also want to read a previous article - how to save your marriage by yourself

The best way to improve the quality of a relationship is trough communication, and I know that it sounds easier than it is but the thing is that there are professional resources to look into in order to do things correctly, communication courses and books etc can be worth your attention. Words have power and combined with actions, things can turn around quite drastically in a relatively short time period, ask your partner some questions and make sure you phrase your questions in such a way that “negativity” is unwelcome, for example;

Instead of asking what you do wrong or why your partner does this and that (which would probably start an argument) phrase the question smarter.

Here is how “not” to make a question;

It doesn’t matter what I say or do, you always find something wrong with it, nothing is good enough so what do you want from me?

And this would be a constructive question to make;

If something mysteries happened that instantly made you and I feel the connection that we use the share back when we met, if you were to feel that way right now again; what would the mysterious thing be? What would have to happen?

When you talk like this you exclude negative feelings and responses from the conversation and it will have the same effect that the “marriage counselors” questions that I mentioned earlier have, but the “opposite” effect, a positive effect because now your spouse begin to think in positive ways about your relationship. You also get an answer and now what you need to change in order to make things better.

And keep in mind that it is not the questions that will save your marriage from separation, it is the process of making your spouse think positively about your marriage that can save your marriage from a divorce and you do so by using questions as the tool. And do not act needy (especially if you are a man, woman flee from signs of weakness and neediness is one).

Are you starting arguments for ridicules reasons? Stop that, to much arguing in marriages is devastating. Hear your spouse out even if you disagree and instead interrupting or looking away, pay attention to what he/ she says and figure out how you can explain your thoughts of the matter in a way that benefits your spouse to, or leave it alone. You do not really want to make a distance between the two of you verbally and if you disagree with what your spouse is saying that that is exactly what you do. You want to get closer to your partner right?

There are many things you can do to save your marriage and fast to but you need to be awake and make the effort required to make the changes you need to make. Now, if you still feel interested in “marriage counseling” than you can certainly find lots of information about it online I do believe that you can experience success with their help and my opinions in this article are my speculations and that’s it. However, I do believe that you can save your marriage from divorce by applying some simple steps and work for the results and thus steps does not cost hundreds of dollars.

How To Stop Arguing With Your Spouse - Magic relationship words

How to stop arguing with your spouse
Frequent arguments in a relationship can do serious harm in the long run so it is wise to look for help before it’s too late, when you are arguing with your spouse (and it could be over petty things), you are actually distancing yourself from him/her and that is actually the last thing you want to do if you want a close and loving relationship.

If you need to know "how to stop arguing with your spouse" than know this, the key to have a successful conversation is to communicate correctly, I don’t know if you know this but the way we structure our sentences have different impacts on our listeners and if we don’t think about it, we might come off as arrogant or insensitive witch in return spark an argument that actually wasn’t intended.

There is an excellent e-book on this matter by the way entitled "magic relationship words". If you want to learn how to talk to your spouse to make you self more understood and do so without saying the wrong things than magic relationship words might be something for you to look into. Here is the link to the website with more information - magic relationship words.

Now, back to how to stop arguing with your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife. Ready? Think about this, what is it that you most often fight over? Is it over financial issues, is it about the children, and is it about your opinions and views of things in general?

Whatever it is, you should know how it usually goes, but think to yourself, is there something I can say or do differently in order not to spark arguments with my spouse? If you were to think back to the last time you guys were "fighting", how did you go about it, did you have anything to do with it? Could you have done or said something differently to get out of it?

sometimes it’s really difficult not to say exactly what we think and feel but if our thought and feelings is presented in a clumsy manner than the listener might get offended, it is wise to listen to what they have to say and figure out a way to present our views and opinions in a way that appears to benefit the listener as well. Remember that people is looking for their interests and if your argument is about you than their argument will be about them. Try to discover the way to make your points in a way that benefits them as well and you will find that they agree more than resist.

Demonstrating the willingness to learn how to stop arguing with your spouse is the first step and you did that, now think about how you can improve your communication to get your points across without engaging in arguments.

About Me

And How To Save My Marriage Today
I’m not a marriage counselor, nor am I some "relationship expert", I’m simply a young man who is fed up with all the hostility and stupidity towards marriage that today’s society has to offer. It seems as though people lack the faith in marriages that once were mandatory, the most common and recommended solution to "save marriages" is divorce. That is what many people do when the going gets tough and sometimes even for no reason (or selfish reasons.)

Why is that? What ever happened with fighting "to save a marriage"? What ever happened with being adult and work things out rather than fleeing?

The problem is that people today lack the strength; the morality and the faith that once could be taken for granted. People out there try to escape from responsibilities and challenges rather than facing them. People lack the faith and patience that go hand in hand with marriage. They lack the strength and assertiveness that’s needed to back up the decision they made when deciding to get married.

When you get married you make a promise and you should not make a promise unless you plan to keep it. In today’s society there are so many factors that can impact the quality of a relationship, the economic crisis, too much arguing, to little communication, to much work, boredom. While at the same time, today’s culture is mostly against marriage. Everybody wants to make carriers for them self’s and thus who prefer to stay at home and be parents full time is sometimes looked down on (at lest here in Sweden) There are temptations here and there for both genders based on stupidity that only appeals to a person’s ego and thus temptations can ruin marriages. Infidelity, brake ups, etc.

In reality however "reality" - A marriage is a holly union and once you are married you and your spouse are suppose to be one flesh. That was basically what you promised each other. So if you are one, doesn’t that mean that your spouse is part of your ego? this is something more men should begin to think about, what if your wife were part of your ego, wouldn’t her happiness and giving it to her give you a rush with pride and success? Since a "man" have an ego of five women combined on his own, why not share, once your wife notices that egoism is no longer her responsibility she might want to share all of that affection that she has? hint: A little relationship advice for men there.

This culture is really sad and people are more depressed and confused than ever. So please do not be part of it, do not let TV, media or ignorant people confuse you. This is my thought on the matter and pretty much the reason why I decided to make this blog how to save my marriage today If you have any questions for me or like to say something than feel free to do so.

To your success

Save My Marriage Today By Amy Waterman

If you look at my archives you’ll notice that I created the blog back in October 2008, my intention was to review the save my marriage today ebook by "amy waterman". Since this is a subject I feel needs encouragement and motivation (wich it sadly does not get I todays society) I started writing other articles regarding saving a marriage, relationships and men and women in general.

But I found out about Amy waterman and her marital advice e book while doing research on where to get help with "saving a marriage" and the feedback I received of this resource at forums and other reviews were amazing.

I decided to provide a review blog and had this blog set up for that purpose but didn’t really get to it. I had other blogs to manage and as you can see, I have not focused much time on this blog since October. My apologies. But I will get to it right away, like I said, the feedback and results of amy watermans “save my marriage today” has been very positive and here ebook is a bestseller and has been for some time. So in my next post I will review this her book and explain what it does and what you can expect to achieve with your relationship if you buy amy watermans save my marriage today and start implementing the techniques reviled in it.

I will also continue to post relationship advice articles here, hopefully once a week. My apologies for the absence on the blog but feel free to re visit soon for more info on this save your marriage ebook.

Can I Save My Marriage From A Divorce

How can I save my marriage from a divorce?
It doesn’t take a brain surging to figure out that keeping a marriage together In today’s society is a tuffy. But for thus who care, a marriage crisis can be worked out and for you who’s wondering, how can I save my marriage? Here are a few free relationship advices you can chew on. Do not be the arguing spouse: I know its obvious, but few consider them self’s as the trouble makers, Are you "arguing with your spouse" for no serious reasons and if so, who is sparking the arguments? Is It you who does it? stop doing that. Frequent arguments tends to have extremely negative impact on a relationship as one or the other will eventually get sick of it. That’s a threat. So stop arguing with your spouse.

Another reminder for you who’s asking "can I save my marriage from a divorce", do not ignore your spouse. Never forget that you are married with a human being with feelings, needs and desires and you as the companion should encourage happiness and development. Everybody needs to develop, everybody does. Your wife/husband is not the same person you married a few years ago, he or she is now a little older, with different views and opinions than your partner had when you met. Accept it and cherish it. Do not limit your spouse from developing and improving. That is a problem in marriages that to many faces and its unbearable, take your spouse seriously.

If you want to save your marriage from divorce, listen to your spouse; do not stray away from meaningful conversations. Do not make up excuses to avoid important conversations your spouse want to have with you, take advantage of thus opportunities instead and listen carefully because it’s your chance to learn what they want and need and a great opportunity for you to understand what to do to save the marriage from a divorce. Don’t get defensive, offended or bored. Listen carefully and be open, you will find that what you use to interpret as accusations and critics actually was quite helpful for you to figure out what they want. They will tell you and especially women.

That’s a few things for you to think about, thousands of couples and family's in USA has this problems and it doesn’t need to be that way. I had some more "free relationship advice" to share but the will have to wait till next article at how can i save my marriage today. Now "can I save my marriage" you say? of course you can you just need to get started right now.

Save Your Marriage

How to save your marriage looking at the basics

Ok.. It is not easy to tell you up front how to save your marriage as i have no idea what help you really need based on your situation. There is however numbers of ways for you to find help, "marriage consolers", there are "relationship advice for women", "relationship advice for men" etc and you can find highly professional help online aimed towards the exact need your relationship have. I can however talk about a few concepts that are essential in a healthy relationship, some concepts that few ever think about but is important to understand every day. You can follow along no matter if you’re a wife or a husband as ill talk about both women and men.

I am not sure where to start so bare with me as I just start somewhere.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say things like, no man knows "what a women want”, “men don’t understand women”

By the same token, I’m sure you’ve heard things like “men are so easy to figure out”, “all men want the same things” etc.

Is this really true? Are women so complex? And are men so easy? The facts are that women is easier to figure out than most men think, and there are men who will never be figured out by women, And I can hear you frustrated guys and feminists go, what do you know about it??

Well, ill get there eventually so hear me out because you probably want to hear this as it can help you to figure out how to save your marriage.

If we start really basic and talk about instincts, let’s begin with women.
What is it that a woman is wired to do instinctively as an adult?

The same thing that men are wired to do, to make babies, right?

Okay.. This is the part where a woman is complex and this is basically all there is to know about woman in general as it is the same pattern that men find so mysterious in other occasions, the rest is individual and nobody besides them self’s can figure that out.

How much work and how much risk are really involved for a man to make a kid? How eager is a man to make a kid? That is basically the instinct for men, it’s to “make” the kid and that’s that.

How much risk and work is involved for a woman to get pregnant? How eager is a woman to just get pregnant? And curie the child for 9 months and than spends 18 years of razing it?
It is a big thing for a woman to have a child and there for there are lots of instincts involved in finding the right partner for a woman.

What is a man looking for instinctively?
A man is looking for a beautiful woman who can give him beautiful children, often times he’s looking for a woman with a big cleavage that can feed his children, and big round hips that can carry his children and also a sweat and feminine personality that signifies a good mother.

That’s instinctive! If you ever wondered, now you know why many guys are so crazy about cleaveges..

Now what does women look for in a man instinctively?
A woman is physically weaker than a man (well in most cases) during pregnancy, a woman is vulnerable and needs protection, not that she’s looking for an Arnold schwarzenegge but at lest the sense of comfort knowing that her man is not gone ditch her when the going gets tuff. So she is looking for strength in a man.

A woman is looking for a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to pursue it, a man who is intelligent enough to figure out how to get what he wants and is determent to pursue he’s own pleasure despite other peoples opinions of his actions. A man like that can provide for his family and women understands that if this man wants her he will make her feel like a queen. Women are smart.

Now, Of course there are more things she’s looking for but the point I’m trying to make is that woman have expectations and they can not help it. If thus expectations are not being met than there is no wonder a woman feels unsatisfied. Men are easy to please simply because men expect woman to “Do” things the way we want it, and since women in nature are more caring and willing to make sacrifices they often times go along, they take care of there husband and he’s lying there watching TV feeling like a spoiled kid without considering that she actually wants something in return. Quite a lot actually she wants a man.

Women expects men to “BE” someone who has the attributes she is looking for, she instinctively understands that if he “IS” someone that has certain attributes, he could potentially express it towards her genuinely.

And therefore, woman is constantly looking for this signs in men, women are frequently looking for strength and power in a man and if he doesn’t have it she will find out rapidly no matter how much he tries to hide it or impress her because woman have developed this skill since they were teens, its instinctive.

If you’re a wife who wants to satisfy your husband than work on him, if you’re a husband who wants to satisfy your wife than start working on your self. This is not rocket science it’s very easy to figure this out.

Here is an example of how women is looking for strength and dominance in a man that I’m sure you are familiar with.

Have you ever wondered "why do girls like bad boys?"
Why do woman want Guys that treat them like garbage?

They do not but like a said, women is looking for strong attributes in men and a man who acts like a prick can be interpreted as a man who is tuff and self assured, it can be interpreted as a sign of strength but the fact is that it is not. Now when you think about that, can you begin to understand how big the craving for a dominant man is out there when women even have to settle with scumbags?

Women do not want bad men they want strong men and since they are looking for attributes within a man it can be hard to draw the parallels correctly, and it can backfire on women (there are women who wants criminals but do not bather with them as they will depress you and maybe even get you into trouble)

Ok.. So I’ve been way of topic since I started this article the title is

How to save your marriage

And ill try to get back to the subject of saving a marriage now before my fingers are tired.

If I were to speculate than id say that, sayings like “no man knows what a women want” are made up by husbands who is to week or lazy to be in charge of situations and face challenges.

And sayings like “men are so easy to figure out” are sayings made up by wife’s to motivate them self’s to keep taking care of, and feel safe with there husbands.

A woman who married her dream man would not jeopardise it because she knows that real men is hard to find, when a man finds his dream girl its still hard for him to be left alone in a room with another woman, if the woman in the room meats the criteria of making babies (nice face, nice cleavage, big hips) he basically just met his new dream girl.

This is a challenge for men. Strong men can take the challenge, they know what they want and what they want is there family back home and they take responsibility for there actions. Weak men don’t. Women can sense this to.

If you are a husband think how can I save my marriage?

Make your self an asset for your wife that she cant neglect, a powerhouse if you will.

If you are a wife wondering how to save my marriage?

Be an asset to your husband that he can’t neglect and cater to his ego. We men are egoistic and It’s amazing how a little attention can make us feel.

I had more to talk about but it will have to wait. By the way if your interested in "how to save your relationship" and don’t mind long "relationship advice" articles than feel free to revisit how to save my marriage today

I will dig out a few recommended recourses and stuff like that for professional help to learn how to save your marriage.

A recommended reading to save a failing marriage

Amy waterman’s Ebook save my marriage today is one of the top (if not the best) online resource for you who needs to learn “how to save a failing marriage” and turn the situation around for the better. Now, Amy’s relationship advices has help couples with marital problems all over the world and it is a best seller that continues to sell it self. Right here, “save my marriage today” is s strongly recommended to you who feel motivated and ready to begin working on your marriage to experience "pleasant" results without help from marriage counsellors or friends/relatives with little to “no” expertise or even experience in these matters. You can go and visit Amy waterman’s web site and find out more about her and what she is about to teach you, her website is also where to buy save my marriage today if you decide to do so right away. -