How To Save Your Marriage Alone - Part 2

How To Save Your Marriage Alone - the second part
Assuming you’ve read How to save your marriage alone part 1, I’ll get right to it, now that you’ve thought about it, what is it that you can do to improve your relationship by starting with your self? You might have found that there are plenty of things that you can do on your own to save your marriage because often times, we don’t thing about what we are doing or what we are contributing in situations and when we start to pay attention it is obvious that there are plenty of things that we can do differently that has great important in how a situation turn out.

Are you having frequent arguments in your marriage? Why are you arguing with your spouse? Chances are that your arguing with each other over the same things over and over and if that is the case, how important are the believes or opinions that causes you to argue with your partner over and over? Can It be pride? Or just frustration over small things that easily could be resolved with not much effort needed.

You might be asking, how can this save my marriage?
Finding out that I’m arguing over small things is not going to help me save my marriage!

Well it’s a small step to improving the quality of your relationship, some times it might feel like it want be enough to make a change because of how the circumstances in your marriage looks but the thing is that one change at a time, a little her an a little there will slowly but surely turn your marriage around totally, because if your not arguing and if your not providing a reason to feel frustration than how could you possibly argue?

If you don’t fight in your relationship you’ll have a lot more time to enjoy each other and feel great now another thing to think about is that once you demonstrate that you really want to save your marriage even on your own than you spouse will notice it and play along, remember there are actions and consequences and certain actions cause certain responses if you act right you will be treated right and it applies to "save your marriage alone" as well.

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