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And How To Save My Marriage Today
I’m not a marriage counselor, nor am I some "relationship expert", I’m simply a young man who is fed up with all the hostility and stupidity towards marriage that today’s society has to offer. It seems as though people lack the faith in marriages that once were mandatory, the most common and recommended solution to "save marriages" is divorce. That is what many people do when the going gets tough and sometimes even for no reason (or selfish reasons.)

Why is that? What ever happened with fighting "to save a marriage"? What ever happened with being adult and work things out rather than fleeing?

The problem is that people today lack the strength; the morality and the faith that once could be taken for granted. People out there try to escape from responsibilities and challenges rather than facing them. People lack the faith and patience that go hand in hand with marriage. They lack the strength and assertiveness that’s needed to back up the decision they made when deciding to get married.

When you get married you make a promise and you should not make a promise unless you plan to keep it. In today’s society there are so many factors that can impact the quality of a relationship, the economic crisis, too much arguing, to little communication, to much work, boredom. While at the same time, today’s culture is mostly against marriage. Everybody wants to make carriers for them self’s and thus who prefer to stay at home and be parents full time is sometimes looked down on (at lest here in Sweden) There are temptations here and there for both genders based on stupidity that only appeals to a person’s ego and thus temptations can ruin marriages. Infidelity, brake ups, etc.

In reality however "reality" - A marriage is a holly union and once you are married you and your spouse are suppose to be one flesh. That was basically what you promised each other. So if you are one, doesn’t that mean that your spouse is part of your ego? this is something more men should begin to think about, what if your wife were part of your ego, wouldn’t her happiness and giving it to her give you a rush with pride and success? Since a "man" have an ego of five women combined on his own, why not share, once your wife notices that egoism is no longer her responsibility she might want to share all of that affection that she has? hint: A little relationship advice for men there.

This culture is really sad and people are more depressed and confused than ever. So please do not be part of it, do not let TV, media or ignorant people confuse you. This is my thought on the matter and pretty much the reason why I decided to make this blog how to save my marriage today If you have any questions for me or like to say something than feel free to do so.

To your success

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