How To Save Your Marriage Alone

How To Save Your Marriage Alone
You found your way here and since you're siting there reading this blog with the title how to save my marriage today and a blog post title like "how to save your marriage alone" ill assume that you're asking how to "save my marriage alone?" and if you're wondering can i save my marriage on my own? than the answer could be both positive and negative depending on your current situation in your relationship and why you’re here reading this.

There are always hope and there are always solutions and there is no reason not to work on your marriage on your own, luckily there are only two people involved a marriage and also, actions and consequences plays a big roll in relationships. One act, the spouse responds. Certain actions gets certain responses and if you act correctly there is nothing but positive response in return.

But what is the right actions to take to save a marriage? And how can I evaluate if an action is appropriate to save my relationship? This topics is so big that I decided to make this a series of articles. Obviously, this one is entitled:

How to save your marriage alone - Part 1

I do not know how many articles it will be but if I don’t get to the point soon a guess it will end up as a “save your marriage ebook“, so lets get to it.

How can I save my marriage on my own?
Are you a man? Are you a woman? Do you have a husband? Or a wife? Are you married with children? Since I’m writing this as marriage advice for men, and also for woman it’s a little hard to be really specific but bear with me as I speak in general.

Do you argue with your spouse frequently?
Is there to little intimacy in your marriage?
Are you unhappily married?
Do you have an unhappy spouse?
Are you working to much?
Are you and your spouse spending to much time apart?
Do you feel like your loosing the grip of your marriage?

There are solutions to all of this and you can do much about it, in fact you can save your marriage alone. Like I said earlier, actions and consequences plays a big roll in marriage. That also means that you have to make decisions frequently and pay attention to what your doing in your relationship.

You have to stay awake.

Most of the marriage troubles listed above is just bad habits or problems because of bad habits, if your partner has habits, ways of approaching you, speaking with you etc. Than that’s basically out of your control but even that can be fixed by you alone.

You need to stay a wake and make decisions, pay close attention to what you your self is contributing to the situation in your marriage. And get rid of bad habits one at a time,

Don’t let pride be in your way and don’t humiliate your self. A married couple is suppose to be one. There is no need to try outperforming your partner. And there is no need to be bellow your partner.

For ex, having "frequent arguments in a marriage" could become a bad habit. And pride oftentimes fuels it. To much arguing in a marriage can be very damaging, it can cause other problems in your relationship with time. Lack of "intimacy in marriage" and unhappiness for instance. You need to pay attention to what you your self is doing in your marriage, do you have bad habits in your relationship?

Sit down with a cup of café and think about it, what is it that you do in your marriage that you can change right now for the better? Are you doing things you know your spouse dislike? Judging by your current situation, what is it that you can do to get closer to your spouse right now?

Starting right now, improving little by little will do a lot of difference rapidly.

My fingers are tired and it's late, In my next article here at "how to save my marriage" we'll talk more about "how to save your marriage by yourself" and what you can do on your own to improve your relationship.

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Update: Se also How to save your marriage alone part 2

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